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Aluminum pergolas can look as attractive as wood as this material can be simulated with wood-grain finishes, bold or subtle application to achieve that classic and timeless look. With its versatility, aluminum proves to suit any construction or application.

Aluminum pergolas are extremely durable as they’re coated with fluoropolymer that last for years to come and are able to withstand the climate. By this means, you are assured that each aluminum pergolas you build is going to last. In the long run, you save money from both maintenance and repair jobs. 

Like wood pergolas, aluminum comes in different shapes and sizes, only with heightened strength. It can even be more sleek than wood without having to compromise on its durability. These size and shape ranges give you more flexibility when it comes to designing it. And like other custom pergolas, they can be freestanding or attached to the roof, deck, patio or outdoor kitchen.

However, one of the few drawbacks to using aluminum to construct pergolas would be the learning curve incurred with the design. It can be pretty intimidating to draw such curves with aluminum materials. This is particularly true when someone has only worked with wood.