Custom Pergola Miami

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It can be used in an array of businesses. Whether you’re a hotel and resorts, restaurants, sports bars, condos, pools, recreation centers, gold club or daycare or senior facilities; whatever the application is, commercial pergolas is the perfect design solution for your patrons seeking sun or shade. It’s built-in gutter system is made to withstand hurricane winds and prevent flooding. Apart from the protection and shelter it gives, installing commercial pergolas for your business can also reduce your energy costs, requires low maintenance and comes in customizable solutions. 

Unlike awnings or patio umbrellas where your constant maintenance is needed, commercial pergolas are built-to-last and with occasional soap-and-water wash. With its customizable solutions, it comes in a variety of sizes, complementary decor , and freestanding or fastened models. Sizes include from single to multi-zone systems to suit any level of occupancy. It can also include additional decor to complement the style such as columns, accent pieces, corbel, measured or mitered ends. It can easily be installed within any enclosure, on the rooftop, beside the balcony or in any area of your business since it’s lightweight and durable.