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Gazebos/Outdoor Kitchens and Wet Bars

Depending on your needs, there are large gazebos with waterproof side panels used particularly for bigger gatherings and as added protection from showers. Whatever is your need, style, and purpose for setting up a gazebo, our custom team can show you a varied selection of gazebos to choose from.

You can also extend your gazebo from your patio or outdoor kitchen. It’s always fun to spend time outdoors, especially in sun-filled Miami. You have a custom gazebo to provide you shade, now you can also have a custom outdoor kitchen as a refreshing way to cook outside. An outdoor kitchen gives you the chance to impress your family and guests with your cooking skills and hospitality while enjoying the breeze or sunshine. 

Another way to create both a fun and practical spot to maximize your outdoor living space is by adding an outdoor bar. It can be standalone or be an extension of your complete outdoor kitchen. Whatever its feature is, an outdoor bar can make your backyard a hot destination and entertainment outdoor space. An outdoor bar as a compliment to your outdoor kitchen or gathering sport should be as functional as it is fun. It can be designed as a simple attachment to your interior kitchen to an elaborate part of a customized dream kitchen. Whatever your needs, style preference, or desired budget, our team can always give you the best advice and options to see how they can work with just about any design for your dream outdoor kitchen and bar.

Whether you are looking for custom pergolas or gazebos to complement your current patio setup or as a refuge from the hot sun, an outdoor kitchen, or a wet bar for an entertaining and fun outdoor space, we have tips on how to maximize your outdoor living space. Consult with our experts now.