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wood pergolas

As regards to where to position it on your outdoor space, you’re bound to countless possibilities. You can place it as an extension to your outdoor kitchen, patio, and deck, or install it near the pool or in the middle of your backyard, and so on. Wherever you decide to put it, wood pergolas can serve as an ultimate outdoor entertainment. Invite your friends over for a cookout and everyone can gather underneath the pergola to sit together and enjoy the meal and conversation. 

Wood pergolas are beautiful, yet it doesn’t mean that it’s the best material. For a small garden, it may work well. However, when you plan to construct a pergola for commercial and large-scale projects, wood pergolas has some of its flaws too. For one, most woods are volatile. This is risky especially when it’s surrounded by structures or applications that are prone to fire. Wood requires painting to protect it from elements and most types of woods are inclined to moisture, insects and other pests like ants, bees and termites. You may need expensive repairs for it in the long run as wood can crack, swell and swerve after long exposure to the elements. In return, repainting may be needed every few years.